Baxter the Bull

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“Come on, Baxter, it will be fun!” cried the other farm animals. “Oh, I don’t know,” worried Baxter. “I just want to stay home under my tree.” Popular children’s book author Dana Fennie, author of Bus Bus Paints His Pals and Lenny the Lighthouse Finds a Dollar is back with another heartwarming adventure of courage and friendship… this time in a charming countryside with fun-loving farm animals and a young happy bull, who loves his best friends and lying under his favorite tree. When Farmer Frank visits and invites Rancher Ryan over to check out his new farm, it’s a great opportunity for the farm animals to meet some new friends, but Baxter thinks he would be happier staying home. After some coaxing from the other animals, Baxter agrees to the adventure. But when Baxter falls off the trailer and gets stuck on a bridge, how will they get Baxter back home to the farm he loves? It’s nothing a tow truck, some blueberry butter and a little brain power can’t solve! Baxter the Bull is a cute children’s book with morals that teaches toddlers and early-elementary school kids about courage, trying new things, and the importance of friendship and a loving home. Packed with Bella Maher’s vibrant barnyard illustrations, this empowering book for kids is sure to become one of your child’s favorite stories, as they root for the lovable Baxter to find his way back home!