Bus Bus Paints his Pals

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“Hello!” said Bus Bus. “I’m going to Papa’s pond to paint my pals. Would you like to come with us?” “I sure would!” exclaimed Katie the Kitten. “I think it would be keen to be green!” One day, Bus Bus, the bus, decided to honor his pals and paint a portrait of them. Bus Bus went around the countryside and asked his pals if they would like to join him at Papa's Pond so he could paint them. Bus Bus asked Tommy the Turtle, Katie the Kitten, Robert the Rooster, and a pig named Perry. They all thought it would be great fun to ride with Bus Bus over to Papa's pond and get painted! "Bus Bus Paints His Pals" is a cute children’s book with happy rhymes and verses that will teach toddlers and early-elementary school children about color and creativity and the value of friendship. If you love Bus Bus and Bella Maher’s delightful illustrations, you can find more great adventures and moral stories for kids in Dana Fennie’s popular "Lenny the Lighthouse" children’s book series!