Lenny finds a dollar Book I

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One afternoon, as Lenny the lighthouse is leaving school to walk home, he finds a dollar caught in a bush. His surprise and joy at this windfall is quickly replaced by indecision: What should he do with the dollar? Can he keep it, or does it belong to someone else? First he asks his best friend Reddog, but dogs don’t know anything about money. Then he speaks to Thumper the cat, who is only thinking of his own stomach. Even his friend McShip wants Lenny to spend the money on him, for coal, so he can make steam. Lenny is confused and still doesn’t know what’s for the best until he speaks to Mrs. Sutterflower. Her advice sends him on a quest to find the true owner of the dollar and return it to them. Do you think Lenny will find the owner of the dollar? What might happen if he doesn’t? Lenny the Lighthouse Finds a Dollar Is a fun story about a young lighthouse and his best friend, Reddog. Packed with memorable characters, colorful images, and great learning points about money, values, honesty, and manners, it is a delightful tale, sure to become one of your child’s favorites for bedtime or any time.