Lenny finds a dollar Book I I

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Lenny the lighthouse and his best friend Reddog are excited to have been given the dollar that Lenny found, after it was left unclaimed. Now the two are on their way to Twinkle Beach to tell Ol’ Walter their exciting news! On their way, they encounter Mr. Ryan who is throwing away some old things he can’t sell in his shop. He agrees to let Lenny have an assortment of colored jars and, in turn, Lenny’s mom lets him keep them in the shed. At the beach, Ol’ Walter is pleased that Lenny got to keep the dollar and has more good advice for him. He tells him it’s always good to save a little, give a little, and spend a little. That night, Lenny drifts off to sleep dreaming about what he can do to help others. Can you guess what it might be? And who needs his help the most? Lenny the Lighthouse Finds a Dollar Book II In the second book in the series, Lenny the lighthouse and his best friend Reddog decide what to do with Lenny’s dollar. Packed with memorable characters, colorful images and great teaching points about money, values, honesty, and manners, it is a delightful tale, sure to become one of your child’s favorites for bedtime or any time.