Lenny finds a dollar Book I I I

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Lenny the lighthouse and his best friend Reddog are so pleased with being able to help some of Reddog’s hungry friends that they are determined to do even more! They want to earn some extra money, so that more of their friends can be fed and won’t go hungry, but “How?” is the question. Once again, the two pals head for Twinkle Beach, knowing that Ol’ Walter will surely have the answers. And they aren’t disappointed! Ol’ Walter knows exactly what they can do to make a few dollars. He tells them the way to make money is by offering goods and services. But Lenny isn’t so sure. He doesn’t have a shop like Mr. Ryan, or a garage to mend cars like Mr. Fennywhipple. Soon Lenny is given a great idea from Reddog about how they can make the extra money for their project. Can you guess what they might do? And what will happen when they inadvertently break the law? Lenny the Lighthouse Finds a Dollar Book III In the third book in the series, Lenny the lighthouse and his best friend, Reddog become business partners. Together they experience successes and failures. Packed with memorable characters, colorful images, and great teaching points about money, values, honesty and manners, it is a delightful tale, sure to become your child’s favorite for bedtime or any time.