Lenny Finds a Dollar Book IV

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After their narrow squeak with the law, Lenny and Reddog do a great job tidying Twinkle Beach. Soon the sands are free from rubbish and looking their best, and the friends can go back to helping their hungry friends! With some unexpected help from the police officers at the station, they seek out Dryfus and he has a wonderful idea about how they can feed all the hungry friends. Can you guess what it is? Soon Lenny, Reddog, and Dryfus are preparing for a big day, complete with games and food. With help from Gigi, who owns the local pet supply store, Mrs. Sutterflower, and Officer Ronnie, they are soon ready to welcome all their hungry friends to a big feast. But what will Lenny do once his good deed is done? Ol’ Walter has the answer and another lesson waiting for him. Can you guess what it could be? Lenny the Lighthouse Finds a Dollar Book IV In the fourth book of the series, Lenny the lighthouse and his best friend Reddog have happily achieved their goal! Packed with memorable characters, colorful images, and great teaching points about money, values, honesty, and manners, it is a delightful tale, sure to become one of your child’s favorites for bedtime or any time. Watch for more adventures with Lenny and Reddog! Visit Lennythelighthouse.com