Lenny the Lighthouse Lenny’s Lemonade

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Lenny, the lovable little lighthouse, who enjoys making friends and doing the right thing, is back for a new adventure with his best friend, Reddog! Eager to experience the thrills of the Boardwalk for the first time ever, Lenny is met with a challenge. He has saved some money, but Lenny knows that his savings are for emergencies only. Spending a day at the Boardwalk is not an emergency! He needs to earn some more money if he wants to have some fun. With the sage advice of his pal, Ol' Walter, Lenny thinks about what he is good at and then makes a plan. With the support of their friends, a dash of innovation, and a cute lemon costume, Lenny and Reddog's lemonade stand takes a mobile twist, leading them to unexpected success. Bursting with financial wisdom and timeless values, this enchanting tale teaches children the power of savings, persistence, and to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams. Don’t miss your chance to join Lenny and Reddog, as they learn and grow on their journey to the Boardwalk! The engaging age-appropriate illustrations make this book enjoyable for both children and adults alike. Give the special child in your life a gift that will uplift and empower them.